Whether you want to a personal gift for friend or have a sassy/personalised bracelet made for yourself, ANYTHING GOES with these. As you can see from the pictures I have plenty of beads just let me know what you want and it'll be done.


(Yes I have the hastag beads, black beads with white lettering, black beads with colored hearts, white beads with color lettering and white beads with color hearts, as in the pictures. I also have both light and dark color cord).


They are adjustable so can fit anysize wrist. If you are unusually big, Call ME!! I mean let me know min fit :D


Email me what you want written or leave a not on checkout.

e.g. Enter the name or word or phrase you want, up to 20 beads. EG. I would like - Black bead, red heart, orange heart, yellow heart, Black Bead, J, A, K, E, BlackBead, Green heart, Blue Heart, Purple Heart, Black Bead. Anything further, message me, I listen.

Customised Bracelet (Name, username/gamer I.D. , #'s , Sass. etc...)