Whether you want to shade a friend or have a sassy/cunty bracelet made for yourself, ANYTHING GOES with these. As you can see from the pictures I have plenty of beads just let me know what you want and it'll be done.


(Yes I have the hastag beads, black beads with white lettering, black beads with colored hearts, white beads with color lettering and white beads with color hearts, as in the pictures).


They are adjustable so can fit anysize wrist. If you are unusually big, Call ME!! I mean let me know min fit :D


Email me what you want written or leave a not on checkout.

e.g. Enter the name or word or phrase you want, up to 20 beads. EG. I would like - Black bead, red heart, orange heart, yellow heart, Black Bead, C, U, N, T, BlackBead, Green heart, Blue Heart, Purple Heart, Black Bead. Anything further, message me, I listen.

Customised Rude Bracelet