• Double Layer cotton washable face mask
  • Fitted to your size
  • Nose wire inserted into the seam
  • Paracord ties supplied
  • Pocket for inserting own filter
  • See pics for Fabric Choices (More on the way)


If you have to wear a face mask you may as well look FIERCE!!!


Please look at and read the picture with the measurement example on it.

First Grab a piece of paper and place edge at point A, bend round to point B and make a mark with a pen/pencil. Measure with a ruler. Repeat for point 1 to 2. Be precise for a good fit.

(If buying multiple sizes/styles, in the custom text field use headings mask 1, mask 2 etc...)


Next buy, recieve, wear, look awesome, post a pic and tag us.


Fierce Fabulous Fitted Fashion Face Mask

SKU: F-F-F-F-Face Mask
  • Even though these look sickening and are constructed perfectly, I can't make any medical or health claims, but Bitch will you look fierce!!!




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